iPad Accessories of 2023: A Comprehensive List

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Sure, you can have an iPad all by itself. But more often than not, Apple customers prefer to dress it up with iPad accessories – from general peripherals like protective cases to those that are more specific, like microphones and styluses.

The iPad accessories you choose depend, of course, on how you’re using your device. If you have a lightweight iPad that’s primarily a gaming device for your child, you’re going to need child-friendly iPad Air accessories (a durable case, for example), whereas if you’re using your iPad Pro for your creative job, you might need accessories like a microphone or a stylus to help you create.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular accessories for the iPad Pro, Mini, and standard iPad available to you in 2023 so you can make an educated decision before you level up your device with peripherals. We’ll share more about the most common accessories for iPad, including:

  • iPad Cases
  • iPad Styluses (Apple Pencil)
  • iPad Power and Cables
  • Airpods
  • iPad Mice and Trackpads

We’ll also share a few more unusual Apple accessories for iPad, like microphones and Square card readers. Ready? Here’s the rundown.


Protective Accessories for iPad: Cases and More


Your iPad is an investment, which is why it makes sense to protect it. So what’s the best iPad case for you? There are a number of different styles of protective and decorative cases for your iPad – from those with attached keyboards to heavy-duty hardcover cases. Before we share a rundown of each of these styles, here are some important considerations:


  • The size of your iPad. Whether you have an 11-inch (28 centimeters) or 12.9 inch (33 centimeters) model, double check your iPad to ensure you’re buying the right size for your product.
  • The style of your iPad. There are specific Apple covers designed for iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini.


Smart Folios and Keyboards

If you need to use your iPad as more of a portable computer (for word processing and web browsing, for example), a folio with a keyboard is a must-have. 


A basic keyboard folio for iPad gives you the ability to prop up your device and type on the keypad. These devices connect automatically with all styles of iPad, and some of these folios come with trackpads, too.


Apple features both Magic Folios and Smart Folios to accompany your iPad, the main difference being that the former includes a trackpad. Apple smart folios and keyboards range from 65€ to 330€.


Cases, Sleeves, and Organizers

For more secure protection than a folio can provide, consider an iPad case or iPad sleeve to protect your device. Apple offers cases that provide full closure, magnetic closure, and even additional storage for your Apple Pencil and other items. Prices range from 30€ to 349€.


See all iPad cases and folio options here.


Styluses and Apple Pencils


Apple Pencil


Of all of the accessories for iPad, the Apple Pencil is possibly the one that’s received the most buzz in recent years.


The Apple Pencil is the go-to stylus for Apple products, including both the iPad Pro and iPad Air. There are two versions: The 1st Gen, which is compatible with older models of iPad, and the 2nd Gen, which is the latest version. 


But they’re both more than just a stylus, offering a drawing experience that feels far more like drawing with a real pencil or marker than with a digital tool. Both models of the Apple Pencil provide an intuitive and natural drawing experience, which has made them very popular in artistic crowds and with general users alike. 


The 2nd Gen is widely considered an improvement on the 1st Gen, as it offers low latency with a touch surface that supports double-tapping and a magnetic flat edge for easy charging and pairing. Both models of the Apple Pencil boast virtually no lag time, which is part of what makes them feel so real.


Additionally, you can purchase new Pencil tips for either version of the Apple Pencil when yours becomes worn out.


Specs: The 2nd Gen Apple Pencil is 6.53 inches (166 mm) long and 0.35 inches (8.9 mm) in diameter. It weighs 0.73 ounces (20.7 grams). It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and attaches magnetically for convenience, although a case with a special holder is recommended for added security.


To charge the Apple Pencil for up to 12 hours of battery life, the 1st gen uses a lighting charger with a removable cap, while the 2nd Gen uses wireless charging.


Compatibility: Wondering which stylus for iPad is compatible with your device? The 2nd Gen works with:


  • 6th generation iPad mini
  • 4th generation and later iPad Air
  • 3rd generation and later iPad Pro 12.9-inch (33 centimeters)
  • 1st generation and later iPad Pro 11-inch (28 centimeters)


If you have a different iPad model, you’ll need the 1st Gen Pencil.


Pricing: The Apple Pencil 2nd Generation is priced at 149€, which may appear expensive for casual users. However, it is highly recommended for serious artists, due to its reliable performance when used in combination with iPads and Apple software. Those seeking a simple stylus for annotation can look into cheaper alternatives, like the Logitech Crayon for iPad.


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iPad Power & Cables


USB-C Cable


Apple offers a variety of power supply accessories for your iPad and iPad peripherals. Whether you need a USB or USB-C lightning cable, you can find a variety of different lengths of cables to charge your devices. Apple also provides HDMI adapters, headphone jack adapters, charging stands, travel adapter kits, and more for specific use cases. Before you choose a power source, double-check your device to ensure it’s compatible with your particular iPad.

See all power and cable options on Rossellimac here.


Airpods: Apple Wireless Headphones


Apple Airpods


The most recent iteration of Apple’s wireless headphones, Airpods Pro, are equipped with active noise cancellation with transparency mode to allow users to stay aware of their environment. 


As for the sound quality, it boasts the H2 chip, which Apple says is responsible for its “advanced audio performance.”


There are three sizes of soft silicone tips offer a personalized fit, and along with their resistance to sweat and water, they make a great addition to your workout. The Wireless Charging Case provides up to 24 hours of battery life, and the product price is 299€.


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Apple iPad Mice and Trackpads


Apple Magic Mouse


If the built-in trackpad on one of Apple’s Smart Folios isn’t right for you, you can purchase a separate trackpad that automatically pairs with your iPad. The Apple Magic Trackpad is compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, and even works with most Apple MacBooks and desktop computers. It’s made of glass from edge to edge for a smooth, seamless experience. It’s wireless, and charges through USB-C that you can connect directly to your iPad. Its list price starts at 122€.


The Magic Mouse is another essential if you need more functionality and precision than a touch screen can offer. This rechargeable mouse connects seamlessly and wirelessly to your iPad, whether you’re using a Pro, Air, or Mini – and like the trackpad, it works with Macbooks and desktop computers, too. It comes in white and black, and starts at 74€. 


Browse different mice and trackpads for iPad on Rossellimac here.


Other Accessories


There are an array of other accessories for the iPad for specific uses:

Music production. Find iPad accessories including stereos, microphones, and condensers.

Photography and video production. These accessories include GoPros for on-the-go recording, to drones and tripods.

Point of sale products. If you use your iPad for business, a card reader like Square can make it easier to collect and process transactions.

Displays, towers, and stands. These are useful if you’re using your iPad to take photos or videos, or if you’re a business and you’re using your iPad to display information for customers.

AirTags. If you tend to lose your devices, an AirTag can help you keep better track of them. AirTags are like tracking devices for your iPads and other Apple products, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. 

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