Everything to Know About the New Apple Watch Series 8

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Apple launched its latest wearable, the Series 8 Apple Watch in September 2022. The tech giant also ushered in two additional Apple models, the chic Apple Watch SE and the premium Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Series 8 was designed with health and safety in mind. As such, it features a dynamic temperature sensor, an innovative car crash detection feature, and an ovulation cycle tracker. For many enthusiasts, the Apple Watch 8 has lived up to the hype and expectations.

While Apple has maintained its sleek and popular quadrilateral shape with the ios 8 Apple Watch, offering in two finishes aluminum and stainless steel, there have been quite a number of new upgrades. Here’s a quick breakdown.


Summary: What’s New  


  • Temperature sensor to help monitor daily body temperature
  • Cycle tracking for careful monitoring of the ovulation phase
  • Crash detection sensors with automatic 911 dispatches
  • Battery-saving 36-hour low-power mode option
  • Nike watch faces for all watchOS 9-powered smartwatches
  • Apple Watch Nike bands to customize your Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Hermès bands to personalize your Series 8 smartwatch


In this post, we’re going to look at everything you should know about Apple’s latest watch offering, including Apple Watch Serie 8 new features, specs, pricing, and where to buy.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.


Apple Watch Series 8 Design and Display


As far as design goes, Apple is notorious for a unified aesthetic on all its products and this latest offering is no different. The new Apple Watch Series 8 has stuck to the sleek familiar boxed look of all its watches.

So much so that the previous generation and the current one – design-wise – look virtually identical. This also means the newest watch on the block comes in the standard 41mm and 45mm sizes. If you’re looking for a bigger screen size than this, you’ll have to turn to the Apple Watch Ultra.

True to form the Apple Watch Series 8:

  • Boasts a crack-resistant front crystal
  • Is rated IP6X dust resistant and,
  • Is certified as water resistant (up to depths of 50 meters)

Let’s look at what each of these things means.




Apple is intentional about its products. This means this watch was designed to be strong. The edge-to-edge shape, thick crystal front, and innovative geometry, combined in a flat base are the characteristics that make the watch crack resistant.



IPX is a marking indicating the level of protection a device has against the elements. An IP6X rating is one of the highest ratings signifying that the ios 8 Apple Watch is fully impervious to dust particles.




The Apple Watch Serie 8 comes with a WR50 water resistance certification.

This means you can go swimming in shallow waters such as the pool and ocean without damaging your precious watch – but no deep sea diving or waterskiing. Exposing your watch to high-velocity water activities can gradually strip it of its water resistance quality.

What else can you expect from the Series 8 design?


Strap Customization


The straps you used to use on your Series 7 watch can be substituted onto the Series 8 model. This provides you with the freedom to customize your watch as you please. Just ensure you buy the correct size bands for the watch model you have. Do check out the new Nike and Hermès bands specifically designed to complement the Apple Watch Series 8.


Always-On Retina



Ease-of-use is the name of the game with this display design. The design ensures that navigating your way on the Apple Watch Serie 8 is a hassle-free affair. Whether you’re typing, swiping, or tapping.

In fact, according to Apple, their ‘Always-On’ mode means the watch face is always visible, showing the time and the last app you opened. This is convenient but can also drain the battery.

Thankfully, you have the option of dimming the 1000 nits brightness by simply placing a hand over the watch face or lowering your wrist. When the Apple Watch Serie 8 is in the new power-saving mode, it will automatically dim the Always-On feature to preserve battery life.

Watch an Apple Watch 8 review video here.

Now, let’s look at the Apple Watch Serie 8 features – the ones retained and the robust additions.


Apple Watch Series 8 Features/Specs


How does the Apple Watch Serie 8 hold up against previous generations? What’s been retained and what’s been added? New features include:


  • Temperature Sensor
  • Cycle Tracking
  • Crash Detection
  • Temperature Sensor


    Apple has taken great pride in developing a watch that’s designed to help you stay on track with monitoring your health. That’s why they included this sophisticated temperature sensor.

    This temperature monitor is so sensitive that it can even detect 0.1 degrees Celsius body change. Even while you sleep, the Apple Watch Series 8 is recording your wrist temperature every five seconds. All this data is accessible in the Health app.

    How is the temperature measured? This is made possible courtesy of the two sensors which are strategically located on the back of the watch and under the display. Apple reiterates that the dual-sensor feature and their close proximity to your skin cut back on the environmental interference giving very accurate temperature readings.

    The temperature sensors go hand-in-hand with another new feature – the Apple Watch Serie 8 ovulation Cycle Tracking app.


    Cycle Tracking


    The Cycle Tracking feature provides women with invaluable data such as ovulation date estimates and highlights cycle deviations such as prolonged and or irregular periods. 

    And, thanks to data collected from two other apps - the temperature sensor and ECG - you’ll have a detailed breakdown of your menstrual cycle. However, Apple says that the app is not to be used to diagnose health conditions.

    As for privacy? You don’t have to worry about unwanted eyes prying into your information as the watch can be easily secured using a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. Furthermore, your cycle data is stored in an encrypted format.


    Crash Detection



    One of the safety features Apple was proud to reveal was the crash detection system. This motion sensor can register when you’ve been involved in a serious car accident. An alert is issued on the ios 8 Apple Watch and if you don’t respond within 10 seconds an automatic call will be placed to emergency services. Dispatchers will receive your crash location details and your emergency contacts will be alerted.

    How does this technology work? A powerful algorithm developed from crash test lab data is meshed with a potent gyroscope (capable of detecting 256g) and an accelerometer to make crash detection possible.


    Refined Standard Features


    Now, here’s a look at the standard features that have been upgraded.


    Sleep Tracking


    Have you ever wondered how well you sleep? If you truly enter into all of the sleep stages or you’re periodically disturbed, explaining why you suffer from poor sleep? Well, Apple Watch Series 8 promises to help you keep track of your sleep.

    You’ll get metrics that give you a better understanding of your sleep. This includes a breakdown of how much time you were in deep sleep, core sleep, REM, and whether you woke up or not.


    Workout App


    The Workout app is yet another of the advanced health features that have been refined and updated. Discover exciting new ways to exercise and train for your next challenge in the upgraded Workout app. Get the insights you need to not only better understand your health but plan your workouts according to your fitness level.

    In the gym whilst squatting, in your elliptical class spinning, or on the treadmill, Apple Watch Series 8 is the perfect partner. And whether you like activating your beast mode for hardcore training or prefer a gentle swim, the Heart Rate Zones will give you a sense of how intensely you’re working. The app will automatically create a customized training zone to facilitate safe training. You can also create your own personalized training zones too.


    ECG, Medication, and Blood Oxygen Apps



    Apple has retained the health and fitness sensors found in the generation 7 watches i.e. the electrical heart rate sensor, Blood Oxygen (SpO2) sensor, and the optical Medications app.

    The electrocardiogram (ECG) makes it possible to check your heart rate throughout the day, while the SpO2 measures blood oxygen levels. Record your blood oxygen levels on an ad-hoc basis, day or night.

    The Medications app assists you to keep a diligent eye on your medical history by scheduling your medication, supplements, and vitamins timetable. Never miss another dose again. Easily log them so you’ve got an accurate report detailing compliance.

    Much like with the Cycle Tracking app, Apple cautions that their Blood Oxygen app and ECG app are not intended for medical use and cannot be used to substitute a consultation with your primary health care physician.

    People under 22 years of age and those who suffer from atrial fibrillation (AF) are advised to not use the ECG app.


    Apple Watch Series 8 Finishes and Color Options


    In a bid to put the Apple Watch Ultra in a league of its own, Apple has chosen to limit the titanium finish common in the Series 7, reserving it for the Ultra model alone.

    This means the Apple Watch Series 8 is only available in two finishes – aluminum and stainless steel.

    That’s not all the Apple Watch Serie 8 has lost in terms of polish, however, as the green and blue colors are no longer available. Instead, if you choose the aluminum finish, your colors are restricted to:


    • Midnight
    • Silver
    • Starlight
    • Product (Red)


    If, on the other hand, you prefer the stainless steel finish, your color choices are:

    • Gold
    • Graphite
    • Silver


    However, here’s where the genius of Apple’s smartwatches is – enter watch bands. These bands – available in an assortment of colors to suit your taste – make it possible to customize your Apple Watch Series 8, just the way you like it. And, to this collection, Apple has unveiled new bands:

    • Apple Watch Nike bands
    • Apple Watch Hermès bands

    If this isn’t enough for you and you still want further Apple Watch Series 8 personalization, there’s now a host of new Nike watch faces to also choose from for all Apple Watch generations running watchOS 9.

    Watch an unboxing video here

    Apple Watch Series 8 Battery Life


    Are you traveling and worried that you won't be able to charge your smartwatch? Fret no more, with Apple’s new and innovative battery-saving feature. Thanks to this, you can now wear your beloved Apple Watch for longer.

    How long does the latest Apple Watch Series 8 battery last?

    When used in its normal state, the Apple Watch 8’s battery will last as long as its predecessors. However, when you’re operating on the newly introduced low-power mode, you can anticipate an improved 36-hour runtime.  Considering that Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS) had a battery life of up to 18 hours, this is definitely an upgrade.

    While this is certainly a welcome improvement, as with previous generations, there are still limitations imposed by Apple on their latest offering. For example, to enjoy this low-power battery feature:

    • your iPhone must be present with you and,
    • select sensors will be disabled and,
    • select features like heart health and Always-On functionality will be limited

    There is a bright side to the low-power mode, however - it won’t just be for the Series 8 Apple Watch. Thanks to watchOS 9, the battery-saving setting will also be available to other Apple smartwatches, from Series 4.


    Price: Where to Buy Apple Watch Series 8


    How much does the Apple Watch Series 8 cost? And where can you buy ios 8 Apple Watch?

    The price of the Apple Watch Serie 8 model differs based on


    • the model (GPS vs cellular),
    • the size (41mm vs 45mm),  
    • the band you want and,
    • the finish (aluminum vs stainless steel)


    Costs for the Apple Watch Series 8 are as follows:

    Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, Aluminum, GPS) – 499

    Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, Aluminum, GPS) – 539

    Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, Aluminum, GPS + Cellular) – 619

    Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, Aluminum, GPS + Cellular) – 659

    The iOS 8 Apple Watch is now available for sale, having been released on September 16, 2022.


    So, be sure to check our Apple Watch 8 store for unbeatable discounts.