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AirPods Max: The Complete Guide

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If you were to ask audiophiles to describe Apple’s iconic AirPods Max, you’d probably hear phrases like, ‘high-performing,’ ‘crisp audio’, and ‘cinematic quality sound’. All of this is true. And these are just some of the reasons why Apple AirPods Max are highly recommended for people looking for premium over-ear headphones. Boasting a slew of impressive features, a sleek design, and a color palette to match your other Apple family products, the Apple AirPods Max have certainly earned their sterling reputation.


Here’s an additional quick overview of what else makes these headphones special.


Summary: What Makes the Apple AirPods Max Special


  • Adaptive EQ
  • Availability in five colors
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Cinematic Spatial Audio
  • Transparency Mode


In this post, we’re looking at how well these headphones work, their quirks, specs, prices, and colors. But first, let’s get some overall impressions from expert vloggers. 


Apple AirPods Max Review


In his AirPods Max review, leading tech guru Marques Brownlee highlights what sets these headphones apart: “Apple Airpods check a set of boxes that no other headphones [on the market] can claim to check.”


Brownlee also mentions repeatedly how Apple’s headphones fit squarely into the luxury listening category. Talking about what impressed him, he included their sleek and clean aesthetic, featuring no Apple logo. Credit is given to Apple for choosing the over-ear design instead of an on-ear one which Brownlee sees as a smart move because over-ear cushions aid greatly with comfort.


AirPods Max Design


The Apple AirPods Max are solid headphones featuring anodized aluminum cups protecting memory foam ear cushions, separated by a one-of-a-kind breathable knit mesh headband which is hinged on a stainless steel frame for high-level comfort.


AirPods Max


Image source: Rossellimac


Unlike other earphones that dig into your ears the longer you wear them, the AirPods Max do not, thanks to the over-ear style and soft memory foam material.


As over-ear headphones, they have a good clamping force so they sit snugly without pinching your ears. This design feature also explains why they’re touted as being extremely comfortable for short or long-term wear. You’d be mistaken to think that because of the clamping force, the cushions are inflexible. On the contrary, they are pliable and easily bent, so they conform to the shape of your head.


The ear cushions are also easy to remove (being magnetic) and replaceable which is a neat feature for two reasons. Firstly, it’s just great (and hygienic) practice to routinely replace old and worn-out ear cushions. Secondly, most consumers have noticed that after a few hours of play, moisture tends to collect within the ear cushion, so you’ll want to remove the cushions and wipe the droplets off. 


The telescopic extensions/hinges joining the ear cushions to the headband are stiff, ensuring the headphones stay in place, and are ‘set’.


What is the outer casing like?


The aluminum metal outer casing makes them extremely durable, much like the Macbooks, and come in five color options.


AirPods Max Green - side photo


Image source: Rossellimac


The fact that these headphones are of a metal build automatically distinguishes them from other high-end headphones which are made of plastic. However, metal means the Apple AirPods Max are slightly weightier coming in at 13.6 ounces (385.5g).


What are those buttons on the headphones?


There are only two buttons on the Apple AirPods Max, the Active Noise Canceling/Transparency Mode button and the Digital Crown (similar to the one on the Apple Watch 8).


AirPods Max Pink


Image source: Apple


  • The Active Noise Canceling Button allows you to seamlessly toggle between the Noise Canceling and Transparency modes. 
  • The Digital Crown gives you the ability to switch between music, Siri, and volume control.


How do you charge the Airpods?


In another stunning design choice, Apple chose to opt-out of conforming to regular USB-C charging ports. It’s not surprising really, because Apple is notorious for being unconventional.


Apple went with a lightning cable instead, which offers an impressive charging speed. 5 minutes of charging gives you 1.5 hours of playtime.


What’s the battery life like?


After fully charging the AirPods Max, you can expect 20 hours of listening time. It’s worth noting that Apple continues to work hard on improving the AirPods Max battery life. And, at the beginning of 2022, a firmware update helped resolve standby time. That’s because even in standby mode, the headphones continued to lose charge even when in their smart case.


AirPods Max Features


Let’s now talk about Apple AirPods Max features starting with probably their most touted spec: noise cancellation.


Active Noise Canceling


How well do the Apple AirPods Max live up to this claim?


AirPods Max Black


Image source: Apple


Thanks to the H1 chip that’s present in both the cuffs, this claim holds its ground solidly. It’s a really cool feature that allows you to block the world, and go about your day switching in and out of taking calls, listening to music, or quietly getting work done.


Transparency Mode


If you want to hear what’s going on around you without taking off the headphones, you simply turn on the transparency mode.


Adaptive EQ


Inward-facing microphones facilitate frequency adjustments so you have nothing but a high-level immersive listening experience. The Apple AirPods Max headphones automatically measure sound and adjust metrics so they can deliver a perfect experience time and time again.


Cinematic Spatial Audio


The AirPods Max’s built-in gyroscopes and accelerometer track your head movements and prevent audio disruption. Enjoy a unique cinematic 3D listening experience.


AirPods Max Finish and Color Options


The AirPods Max boast a satin finish and five color options

  • Green
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Sky Blue
  • Space Gray


The headband and ear cushions are made to match the aluminum casing of the headphones, although you can purchase different color ear cushions to customize the AirPods Max.


Interestingly, each of these hues is compatible with those featured in the 2020 iPad Air model.


Apple AirPods Max Listening Experience


AirPods Max


Image source: Rossellimac


What can audiophiles look forward to when wearing the Airpods? Whether high, medium, or low-range music or vocals, you’re guaranteed a super clean listening experience.


Apple worked hard to get the sound distortion levels to be under 1%, so even if you’re playing music at 100% volume, you’re still going to get a crisp sound, no muffles here.


Another pro is that the Apple AirPods Max have a neat sound stage. The sound stage just means instead of hearing one sound, the headphones can distinguish between the different instruments. Hear every note crisply and accurately. Such audio quality is unparalleled.  


How Convenient are the AirPods Max?


Apple AirPods Max provide fantastic noise canceling on a pair of consumer headphones. Furthermore, if you’re already in the Apple ecosystem, switching between devices is automatic.


However, they are made for a less-active/indoor listening experience seeing as they aren’t sweat-resistant or waterproof-friendly. So these aren’t the outdoor or gym session headphones for you.


AirPods Max Black


Image source: Apple


For everyday indoor use, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair of luxury consumer headphones. The AirPods Max are ideal for watching movies, listening to podcasts, streaming, and even office-related work. They make great studio headphones as well.



  • Great color choices – you can personalize your headphones by swapping out ear cushions
  • Active noise canceling – drown out background noise and immerse yourself in your own world
  • Bluetooth-enabled headphones – automatically pair to any Apple device within range
  • Transparency mode – listen to conversations around without removing headphones
  • Spatial audio – no disruptions, acoustic sealed environment, fully engaged sound
  • Adaptive EQ – never skip a beat, take headphones off to pause music, and put them on to resume
  • Completely wireless – move seamlessly and listen in across connected devices within your Apple ecosystem
  • One-tap setup – effortlessly pair to your iPad, iPhone, AirPods Max with an onscreen tap connection
  • Always-on Siri – stay connected and get help from Siri whenever, wherever
  • Announce Messages – get Siri to read out notifications, calendar reminders, and messages



  • They’re quite expensive at almost double the price of their near-rivals
  • They’re not great for outdoor use, largely because they aren’t sweatproof/waterproof
  • The absence of a non-USB-C charging port means you’re forced to use a lightning cable
  • No turn-off button (to put the Airpods into low power mode you have to place them into their smart case)


And speaking of the smart case…


AirPods Max Smart Case



AirPods Max Smart Case


Image source: Apple


Placing the Airpods into the case is how you can get them into a low-power state (otherwise they’ll remain fully active, only going into low-power mode after two hours!). There’s no switch-off button on the Airpods, so if you wish to preserve battery power, you’ve got to place them into the case


AirPods Max Price


From the onset, Apple AirPods Max have always competed with other market contenders on sound, case, convenience, charging, and price.


We all know Apple products will be pricey, but most people are still taken aback by the AirPods Max Price.


How can Apple justify the expensive price? Well, firstly, it’s Apple – you’re going to pay a premium. Secondly, there’s quite an array of impressive technologies Apple has put into the headphones, so you’re paying for that too.


So, when it comes down to the numbers, how much will you have to part with for a pair of Apple AirPods Max?


  • Apple AirPods Max price – €629


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